First Impression: Talenti Vanilla Cinnamon Gelator

Hey, Hey!

So, today I am sitting in McDonalds typing this post since the Internet at my place is insecure and subsequently, Windows 10 does not work there. After just getting told off for coming on the side of someone to get a drink and a agitated ” Excuse you” from some women, I am not in the best mood to say the least. After all, I consider myself to be one of the most thoughtful and polite person….but life goes on. Anyhow, we’re not here for that right so let’s get into this sweet review. Today, is a first impression of Talenti Gelato! I seriously wish I could try nearly all of their flavors because it seems to be such a quality brand. The second flavor that I’ve ever tried from them is the Vanilla Cinnamon:

Price: I believe that Talenti runs between a good -3:50-4.00 when on sale at Wal-mart. While it’s not a steal considering it’s size, it makes up for it with the quality of it’s taste. That being said, I may just suffer from a growing case of frugalism…

The Taste: 



If you enjoy cinnamon, immensely, and I mean authentic cinnamon that taste just like a cinnamon stick…then THIS is the kind for you. My goodness, upon eating it immediately, I got a POW of cinnamon. The vanilla itself taste cinnamon with the specks in it. Honestly, I wish the Vanilla had a richer taste on it’s on as all I could taste is the cinnamon. In terms for the caramelly- looking streaks in it, it’s no caramel…just sweeter cinnamon. It makes me wonder what “Monk juice” is though and if it had something to do with these ooey gooey twirls.

Overall: It is not a bad flavor of gelato but as much as I love cinnamon rolls, cinnamon pretzels, cinnamon toast crunch and all the rest, this is such a sweet ( w/o all the sugar) gelato that I don’t find myself indulging it; just taking it a spoonful by spoonful at a time.


~ The Sweet Commuter





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