Sweet Finds: Krispy Kremes Lip Balms

Hi Guys!

So, today’s sweet find was quite spontaneous and where I found them, was certainly not the place you would think. I was shopping with my little sister and needed to do a cashback so I walked into Bed, Bath and Beyond after walking in several stores who did not do cashback. Long story short, they did and of ALL the stuff Bed, Bath & Beyond has, as I was heading towards the check out counter, I picked up Krispy Kremes for my lips.

The Price: I believe the price was between 5-6 dollars ( Maybe) ; which in my cheap head, was a bit pricy for some chapsticks but perhaps its just the novelty of the item….it had me buying it 🙂

Now in regards to each particular flavor….uhhh:


Um, people out there, I have to give the actual scent to 75% a 2/5. I love the packaging and more importantly, I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts but most of these do not embody any kind of distinctive scent. I have to say that number 5 and number 4 held closely together because you could actually smell the chocolate but just because it’s chocolate doesn’t quite make it a Krispy Kreme doughnut.The only additional plus was that they were soft and creamy chaps.

My Overall Thoughts: I have not used these chapsticks after the day I opened them. With the scents not being too authentic and their questionable quality to actually moisturize lips, I am not too quick to use them. That being said, I do think that they have great and appealing packaging and with me enjoying Krispy Kremes actual doughnuts, it’s a unique balm to have on hand!

~ The SweetCommuter



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