First Impression:OUI French Yogurt by Yoplait

Good Day!!


Welcome Back to the SweetCommuter. Today I wanted to give you guys my impression of the new OUI ( Yes) yogurt that’s available in stores. It’s a french style yogurt that comes in so many different flavors that you can buy individually or in packs of four I believe. I decided to grab up the Key Lime and Vanilla yogurt to give it a try.


Price: I do not actually remember the price of these but something around 1.49 sounds about right ( no more than 1.69). For a girl who needs to get her Calcium/Vitamin D, this was a reasonable price…better than milk!

Now let’s talk business and get down to the taste, shall we ?



I am going to keep things 1000% when I say that I could not finish either one of these yogurts….I could barely get pass a few spoonfuls. You see, I had no idea what French yogurt style meant and I still don’t but if it means super thick yogurt with little fruit on the bottom, then I don’t like it…at all. The flavors are there but I much rather have a light and fluffy yogurt, not a thick as potato salad kind….okay maybe an exaggeration but that’s a no to the no sort of thing.


Overall thoughts: Let me tell you what I love about OUI; it’s not the taste, it’s the fantastic choice of packaging. The glass jars may not be the most environment friendly or practical for transport but it surely is so pretty. I even kept the little containers…after I dumped out the yogurt. Now, if only they came with a lid instead of 1 use foil on top….Anyway, it’s too bad I couldnt’ love what I ate when I ate one of these : O.





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