Sweet Finds: Cinnabon Gooey Bites

Hey Guys, welcome to theSweetCommuter ~

Today, we are kicking off with America’s favorite cinnamon roll: Cinnabon’s. Well I don’t know that really but they certainly look quite appetizing nonetheless. I have actually never had Cinnabon before since they do tend to be on the pricy side but these Gooey Bites gave me an experience on the cheap side.

Where Did I Find These ? I found these at the Dollar Tree for only 1.00. It’s something how these sort of stores tend to have some unique spin on regular items to make them suitable for their “cheaper” price range. Is it just me ?

What is it….really ? Those large Cinnabon’s that we have seen in the malls made into bite sized pieces with cream cheese frosting, served in a microwavable bowl. The instruction call to microwave the treats for 40-45 seconds. 


My Two Cents: There actually quite a few pieces in the bowl but I found that there was so much “cinnamon glaze” as they call it, that the cream cheese frosting might as well disappeared and I don’t even CARE about that stuff. However, that could be just the way Cinnabon likes to have their rolls, plenty of glaze and not a lot of frosting….who knows. As for the bites themselves, they were kind of doughy but they were not bad at all. I wish they would have held back on the cinnamon glaze so we could taste more of the bread ( because who doesn’t like bread ?) itself.

Would I Buy This Again ? I am intrigued by Cinnabon which is what drove me to pick this up. For a dollar, I think its cute but I don’t think I’d buy it again except for the novelty of it, not the exquisite taste. Would you try these ? Comment below 🙂

TheSweetCommutter ~




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