First Impression: Talenti Vanilla Cinnamon Gelator

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So, today I am sitting in McDonalds typing this post since the Internet at my place is insecure and subsequently, Windows 10 does not work there. After just getting told off for coming on the side of someone to get a drink and a agitated ” Excuse you” from some women, I am not in the best mood to say the least. After all, I consider myself to be one of the most thoughtful and polite person….but life goes on. Anyhow, we’re not here for that right so let’s get into this sweet review. Today, is a first impression of Talenti Gelato! I seriously wish I could try nearly all of their flavors because it seems to be such a quality brand. The second flavor that I’ve ever tried from them is the Vanilla Cinnamon:

Price: I believe that Talenti runs between a good -3:50-4.00 when on sale at Wal-mart. While it’s not a steal considering it’s size, it makes up for it with the quality of it’s taste. That being said, I may just suffer from a growing case of frugalism…

The Taste: 



If you enjoy cinnamon, immensely, and I mean authentic cinnamon that taste just like a cinnamon stick…then THIS is the kind for you. My goodness, upon eating it immediately, I got a POW of cinnamon. The vanilla itself taste cinnamon with the specks in it. Honestly, I wish the Vanilla had a richer taste on it’s on as all I could taste is the cinnamon. In terms for the caramelly- looking streaks in it, it’s no caramel…just sweeter cinnamon. It makes me wonder what “Monk juice” is though and if it had something to do with these ooey gooey twirls.

Overall: It is not a bad flavor of gelato but as much as I love cinnamon rolls, cinnamon pretzels, cinnamon toast crunch and all the rest, this is such a sweet ( w/o all the sugar) gelato that I don’t find myself indulging it; just taking it a spoonful by spoonful at a time.


~ The Sweet Commuter




Sweet Finds: Krispy Kremes Lip Balms

Hi Guys!

So, today’s sweet find was quite spontaneous and where I found them, was certainly not the place you would think. I was shopping with my little sister and needed to do a cashback so I walked into Bed, Bath and Beyond after walking in several stores who did not do cashback. Long story short, they did and of ALL the stuff Bed, Bath & Beyond has, as I was heading towards the check out counter, I picked up Krispy Kremes for my lips.

The Price: I believe the price was between 5-6 dollars ( Maybe) ; which in my cheap head, was a bit pricy for some chapsticks but perhaps its just the novelty of the item….it had me buying it 🙂

Now in regards to each particular flavor….uhhh:


Um, people out there, I have to give the actual scent to 75% a 2/5. I love the packaging and more importantly, I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts but most of these do not embody any kind of distinctive scent. I have to say that number 5 and number 4 held closely together because you could actually smell the chocolate but just because it’s chocolate doesn’t quite make it a Krispy Kreme doughnut.The only additional plus was that they were soft and creamy chaps.

My Overall Thoughts: I have not used these chapsticks after the day I opened them. With the scents not being too authentic and their questionable quality to actually moisturize lips, I am not too quick to use them. That being said, I do think that they have great and appealing packaging and with me enjoying Krispy Kremes actual doughnuts, it’s a unique balm to have on hand!

~ The SweetCommuter


First Impression:OUI French Yogurt by Yoplait

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Welcome Back to the SweetCommuter. Today I wanted to give you guys my impression of the new OUI ( Yes) yogurt that’s available in stores. It’s a french style yogurt that comes in so many different flavors that you can buy individually or in packs of four I believe. I decided to grab up the Key Lime and Vanilla yogurt to give it a try.


Price: I do not actually remember the price of these but something around 1.49 sounds about right ( no more than 1.69). For a girl who needs to get her Calcium/Vitamin D, this was a reasonable price…better than milk!

Now let’s talk business and get down to the taste, shall we ?



I am going to keep things 1000% when I say that I could not finish either one of these yogurts….I could barely get pass a few spoonfuls. You see, I had no idea what French yogurt style meant and I still don’t but if it means super thick yogurt with little fruit on the bottom, then I don’t like it…at all. The flavors are there but I much rather have a light and fluffy yogurt, not a thick as potato salad kind….okay maybe an exaggeration but that’s a no to the no sort of thing.


Overall thoughts: Let me tell you what I love about OUI; it’s not the taste, it’s the fantastic choice of packaging. The glass jars may not be the most environment friendly or practical for transport but it surely is so pretty. I even kept the little containers…after I dumped out the yogurt. Now, if only they came with a lid instead of 1 use foil on top….Anyway, it’s too bad I couldnt’ love what I ate when I ate one of these : O.




Snack Haul: Arizona Japanese Matsuri Festival

Hello Everybody!

Today I wanted to share with you some of the snacks that I picked up from the annual Matsuri festival. The Matsuri festival is a popular annual event held in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona that is centered around celebrating Japanese culture. The event brings local businesses that embody Japanese culture in some way to hundreds of Arizonians; the festival has multiple food vendors that serve dishes such as ramen, mochi, takoyaki, miso soup and so much more. Of course, me being me, I was the most excited to get my hands on whatever snacks and sweets I could get my hands on with 20.00. Here’s what I  found:


Calbee Seaweed and Potato Chips: I had two options to choose from this vendor: the Seaweed or the Hot & Spicy; since I don’t do well with spice, I chose these. As for the taste, I don’t think I like seaweed….at all. This was probably the first bag of “potato chips” that I did not finish. It wasn’t that it had a horrible taste, I just couldn’t get down the whole bag without having this distaste for the seaweed aftermath. It may be just me but seaweed is one thing potatoes don’t go with.


Ramune Strawberry: The lady at the booth said that this kind was popular and after a taste I could see why. This was my second time getting one of these and its the only flavor I’ll ever get. I will say that the design is not a practical and maybe more of a novelty design than practical but nevertheless, the taste of the drink was good. I seriously wish I could get a 6 pack of these all to myself. Somebody help me!


Ramune Flavor Gummy Candy: I have never actually had the Ramune Original Flavor, so I could not compare the taste to see if it was authentic but I still want to share my opinion of it alone anyway. Personally, I though the gummies almost tasted medicinal. I am not saying it tasted “bad” but it definitely wasn’t a flavor that I would gravitate to. That being said, what sets these gummies apart from any other gummy I ever had was that they were individually packaged PER gummy which gave them an unbelievable freshness/softness. Sure, it may not be the most efficient way to package an item but it surely is the freshest way. I love how soft they were that I am willing to try other flavors….strawberry, watermelon, MANGO, anyone ? Check it out here.


Kabaya Panda Cookies: These cookies sort of tasted like they were low-fat but then I feel like Japanese treats in general would be less sweet than the “sweet” that we have here in the States. That being said, I never quite ended up finishing the bag after I took them to work. They were bland enough not for me to finish them…..Adorable packaging but less than favorable taste.


Orange Soda: I am a self-professed Orange Soda fanatic so when I eyed this when I first got to the festival, it never quite left my mind. Unfortunately for me, when the lady did not seem to suggest this as a popular flavor, a taste later, I knew why. It was like a flat orange soda with a pale orange flavor. I could barely take anymore after a few sips and dumped it right in my sink. When you have a flavor like the Strawberry yet a flavor like this, it makes you not want to try any others. Meh, is all I have left to say.


Pocky Strawberry: Though Pocky can be found in the international section in most grocery stores, so I assume, I had these for the first time, probably back in 2016 and if my memory serves me correctly, they remind me of something I have had before….what, I have no idea. Anyway, I ended up using these to make Doughnut Cake Pops which I might be sharing here in the future. Overall, they make a nice light snack! I guess I am too conservative to try any of the other flavors though….and there are apparently plenty!


Sangaria Hajikete Orange Soda: If I wanted a more “real” tangeringy orange tasting soda, this one right here kind of was that. It did not taste like any canned orange soda that I had here in the states such as Fanta or Crush….it wasn’t better but it also wasn’t bad. That being said, it had less sugar than the American brands but still tasted good.

Overall, I really had wish I’ve gotten a chance to try the Kakigori ( Shaved Ice with vanilla ice cream in the middle with a candied syrup on the top) but I only had some change left after I visited the inflated priced booths : D. Anyhow, it was fun to see what was there and I hope to visit the Japanese markets that we have in Arizona to grab up more goodies and maybe even do a live video.

Thanks for joining me for today’s commute; join me soon for another.







Sweet Finds: Cinnabon Gooey Bites

Hey Guys, welcome to theSweetCommuter ~

Today, we are kicking off with America’s favorite cinnamon roll: Cinnabon’s. Well I don’t know that really but they certainly look quite appetizing nonetheless. I have actually never had Cinnabon before since they do tend to be on the pricy side but these Gooey Bites gave me an experience on the cheap side.

Where Did I Find These ? I found these at the Dollar Tree for only 1.00. It’s something how these sort of stores tend to have some unique spin on regular items to make them suitable for their “cheaper” price range. Is it just me ?

What is it….really ? Those large Cinnabon’s that we have seen in the malls made into bite sized pieces with cream cheese frosting, served in a microwavable bowl. The instruction call to microwave the treats for 40-45 seconds. 


My Two Cents: There actually quite a few pieces in the bowl but I found that there was so much “cinnamon glaze” as they call it, that the cream cheese frosting might as well disappeared and I don’t even CARE about that stuff. However, that could be just the way Cinnabon likes to have their rolls, plenty of glaze and not a lot of frosting….who knows. As for the bites themselves, they were kind of doughy but they were not bad at all. I wish they would have held back on the cinnamon glaze so we could taste more of the bread ( because who doesn’t like bread ?) itself.

Would I Buy This Again ? I am intrigued by Cinnabon which is what drove me to pick this up. For a dollar, I think its cute but I don’t think I’d buy it again except for the novelty of it, not the exquisite taste. Would you try these ? Comment below 🙂

TheSweetCommutter ~